Tips When Using a Backhoe Loader to Remove Pavement

26 January 2016
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Various types of renovation projects require the use of heavy earthmoving equipment to make the process more efficient. If you are replacing a driveway or parking lot and need to remove old pavement, it is suggested that you use a backhoe loader to make the renovation project simpler. Pavement can be difficult to break up and move because it is designed to be durable. Using a backhoe loader can allow you to remove the old pavement in the quickest manner, but it is essential that you know the most helpful tips that are designed to offer ease of use.


When you are looking to begin using a backhoe loader to remove old pavement, it is best to start at the edge of the pavement. This allows you to have enough space to insert the teeth on the bucket extension of the backhoe loader. You will want to make sure that you get the teeth of the bucket underneath the slab of pavement as far as they can go. Once you have the teeth of the bucket far enough under the slab, you then have the ability to move the boom on the backhoe loader in a downward motion that will result in the teeth and bucket curling upward. As the bucket and teeth curl in an upward motion, this will break the slab of pavement into pieces. These pieces that you break up off the slab are what you work to remove using the backhoe loader.


It is important that you consider size when you begin breaking up pieces off the slab. You want to be sure that the pieces you break up are large enough that it allows you to remove the old pavement quickly, but they can't be too large that they do not fit on the backhoe loader or make unloading too difficult of a task. Smaller pieces are actually preferred and this can be achieved by not digging the teeth of the bucket in too far before you lower the boom. If you notice that some pieces of the concrete are still too large, you can make them smaller by dropping them on the ground to break.


When you are loading the broken pieces of the pavement into a truck, make sure that a layer of sand is on the base of the truck. This will cushion the concrete pieces when they fall from the backhoe loader into the truck bed.